22 White Cis-female. DC suburbs->Chicago->Brooklyn. Vegan. Queer. Chef. Feminist. Doctor Who. Pop Punk nerd.

Oct 6

I need to find a better copping mechanism then: can’t fall asleep, sob, don’t sleep, squeeze cat until he doesn’t like me anymore, binge watch something until I’m no longer thinking about my life then pass out, wake up, do it again.

Oct 3

Sometimes you have a really bad mental heath day on your day off of work and it completely destroys. Then you have a slightly better night becuse you ate a bunch of chips and candy. THEN you remember you got a message form someone who would never really send you messages(which is why I ignored it all night) and read it and it turns you in to the happiest person ever. OMFG PLEASE LET ME COOK ON YOUR HIPPY DIPPY VEGAN PERMACULTURE FARM!!!!! I want this to work out so badly. I want to roll in dirt then cook you things I got from that dirt.

Oct 1


Empty lot by Banner Pilot. 

Let me drink your wine and waste your time and whatever I got, I’ll give to you.

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Banner Pilot - Summer Ash

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Sep 30
I love it when one of my boyfriends waits up for me when I get off work 😻

I love it when one of my boyfriends waits up for me when I get off work 😻


punk boys out here like “i fucking hate racists. homophobia is horrible. smash racism and kill all rapists. women deserve safe spaces.” then they turn around n are like “lol yeah girls just freak out about everything all the time i dont get why they’re uncomfortable at shows they must just not get punk. why are you so nervous quit making a big deal out of it. yeah that guy is a misogynist, but his band is sick and thats different.”

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Sep 29
She is deff shit talking you on her blog.

She is deff shit talking you on her blog.


"Who can you trust?"

Sep 25


when the boxes full of clothes and records stop weighing you down   when the only thing left in your bedroom is some penny’s on the ground when you’ve sold off all your furniture, and you’re heading out of town      

i will be the only bad dream in your sleeping house

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Sep 24


Found out tonight that the guy I work with who got hired less then 2 months ago, is getting 40+ hours a week. While my other female co-worker(who has been work their almost 2 years) and I have been told that the restaurant can’t afford for us to work more then 35 hours(though I get one less hour cause I’ve only been their 6 months). We both have more experience then him as well. We also both have essentially full time schedules with part time hours. And neither of us have barely money beyond paying bills. I already decided to quite a couple weeks ago when I realized that nothing was actually going to change like we discussed with our manager. Now I’m going to for sure convince my coworker and assistant manager(who got promoted with no raise) to quite with me.

Sep 23

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Sep 22

"Watch my mouth slack your jaw
yea, I’ve heard it all before
I am ruthless with the intent
to leave you crying on your floor”

Sep 20


I wish her waves would bring us back those days that we once chased away
We staggered up my street to sand between my sheets
The ceiling quaked and the floor boards all shake underneath

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Sep 19

"She slapped my butt."


"She slapped my butt."

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