22 White Cis-female. DC suburbs->Chicago->Brooklyn. Vegan. Queer. Chef. Feminist. Doctor Who. Pop Punk nerd.

Sep 10

Only having $14 in all my accounts combined mainly cause I fucking over drew my separate account I use to pay bills is really not helping my depression and anxiety.

Sep 8

Sailor moon crystal is self-care for me right now


I’m sorry I’m just really far away.

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Citizen // Sleep

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Sundials - When I Couldn’t Breathe

when I couldn’t breathe you were on my mind
how’s that for having a crush?
but you’re way too pretty
and i’m a fucking total wreck

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Sep 6



Stardust the Super Wizard is terrifying.

This guy had a ray that almost suffocated every political and military leader in the country and his plan B was literally “hide in a tree” though

Never forget the fletcher hanks panel We went to at my first spx.

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The Dopamines | Jon Has Anxiety

The drinking hasn’t helped
I’ve become so anti-social
But I completely realize
That nothing’s panned out the way it seems

Talking to you’s like pulling teeth
And I’m sorry but I’ll be stayin’
In my room tonight
Cuz I don’t know what to

Say to you, say to you
What do I 
Say to you, say to you
What do I?
Can’t get out of bed today
Lost my motivation

(Fuck my life.)

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Sep 5

Sep 3

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Sep 2

Sometimes your two NYC crushes that you felt could potentially go somewhere end up dating each other and you truly give up.




♥ super digging this band at the moment

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Elway // Kristina’s Last Song

Fuck no I wont miss you, I’ve got some other shit to do. God damn, it’s about time I move on with my life. Dust off your shoes son, we’re going out to have some fun. It’s all good now. 

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Aug 31

Honestly, I think I’m just too sad to make new friends right now.

Aug 29


Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac

Time casts a spell on you,
but you won’t forget me
I know I could have loved you,
but you would not let me

fave fleetwod mac song


Fugazi “I’m So Tired”

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