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Sep 19


Keep me at bay
No I don’t want to know your name
I’m sick of seeing you go

Sep 18

vajuju said: What are your opinions on people with type 2 diabetes that was acquired because of their weight? Do you believe that losing weight would be fatphobic of them even though it would most likely aid in their remission?



People don’t get type 2 diabetes because of weight. That is a common but not actually legit misconception. A correlation with weight does not mean it is caused by weight jfc
And after all the discussion of this that’s gone on on my blog if you can’t figure out the answer to this question then you need to revamp your reading comprehension skills. I’m not repeating myself again.

So, I’m a fat person with diabetes and let me tell you that anti-fat stigma and the assumption that diabetes is fat disease that can be treated or cured by just being less of a big fatty causes a lot of people with diabetes to absorb bad information which prevents them from managing their conditional successfully.  It also sets up fat diabetics with a huge risk of having a lousy relationships with our healthcare providers, which also gets in the way of managing diabetes well.

The smug gotchas of non-diabetic people who want to get one over on fat activism don’t do shit for my health.

Sep 16


Goodbye this mind of mine forever
It makes it easy to forget her
Goodbye this mind of mine forever
It makes it harder to remember 


Wake up in the morning, start feeling bad
Worst case of the Mondays that I’ve ever had.

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Sep 14
Queer babes who love coconut flavored drinks and hate men.

Queer babes who love coconut flavored drinks and hate men.

Sep 13

Sep 12


Mere Women, “Our Street”

Will you still want me when I’m old and frail?
Will you think of me when I’m cold and pale?

Sep 11


Thank you my friend for taking me back to where I should have been all along
And all those nights I spent alone should’ve been spent with you

Spraynard - ‘84 Sheepdog

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Well, lately I’m sick of listening to modern punk. And I’m sick of all these fucking kids I gotta know, all these shitty kids I’m supposed to know.

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Sep 10

girls are cute and I am weak


girls are cute and I am weak

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"Sunken city by the ocean
You could teach the seventh grade
Do you think because you chose to?
You always fell in love the way you’re supposed to,
at the target inside of the mall, fear of what you weren’t exposed to.
There’s no way to keep in touch with certain people.
You wonder how long something can last.
Pretty sure most people don’t think about that.
But who the fuck is laughing now?
Sunken city by the ocean.
Car smell like hot 
Do you think because you chose to?
Do you think things are different than you think they are?
Never had a drug phase.
So you think you’re fucking miserable now?
for the Catalina fight song.
you, always.”

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Only having $14 in all my accounts combined mainly cause I fucking over drew my separate account I use to pay bills is really not helping my depression and anxiety.

Sep 8

Sailor moon crystal is self-care for me right now


I’m sorry I’m just really far away.

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Citizen // Sleep

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